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Testing Your VOIP Connection with X-Lite

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1 - Introduction

InphoniteVoice and ReminderPro 2008 DX support both analog and VOIP (i.e. Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) telephone connections. For many of our customers, VOIP provides a cost-effective method of delivering calls to their clients. VOIP also provides a high degree of phone system control, which may be desirable.

VOIP connectivity can be implemented either using an in-house VOIP system and PBX, or by using an ITSP (i.e. Internet Telephony Service Provider).

While Inphonite cannot provide support for in-house VOIP systems or for ITSPs — the vendor provides those services — InphoniteVoice and ReminderPro can send calls over a VOIP connection.

Though VOIP systems are convenient, customizable, and cost-effective, setup can sometimes be complex. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that connectivity can be established with the VOIP server before attempting to implement InphoniteVoice or ReminderPro.

In order to verify that connectivity can be established for the sake of placing calls using VOIP, we recommend downloading a softphone such as X-Lite to test connectivity. This article discusses setting up X-Lite and placing calls for the sake of testing your VOIP connection.


2 - More Information

Using X-Lite to verify connection to your VOIP system or ITSP is an effective way to ensure that InphoniteVoice and ReminderPro DX can connect and place VOIP calls.

  1. First, download X-Lite from
  2. Run the installer for X-Lite.
  3. When the installation is complete, X-Lite will launch. Go to Softphone > Account Settings.
  4. Enter an Account Name of your choice.
  5. Enter the User ID to be used.
  6. Enter the Domain for the VOIP gateway. This is normally an IP address.
  7. Enter the Password for the VOIP user.
  8. Enter the Display Name, which is often the same as the Account Name.
  9. The use of the Authorization Name setting is limited by the PIKA VOIP software, which InphoniteVoice uses. The only configuration supported at this time is that both the Authorization Name setting and the User ID need to be the same value. Otherwise, you will need to either disable it or use a different VOIP solution which does not require this setting.
  10. Click OK.

If Windows displays a request for authorization for X-Lite, click Allow Access.

Once the account has been setup, X-Lite will attempt to enable the account. Enabling the account is dependent upon X-Lite's ability to authenticate to the VOIP server using the credentials entered in the account. If X-Lite reports that the "Account failed to enable", connectivity cannot be established — either the Domain, User ID, Password, Authorization Name, or Proxy is incorrect, or there are firewalls preventing connectivity.

When the account is enabled, a call can be placed by simply typing the ten-digit number in the "Enter name or number" field and clicking the Call button on the right of it.

If the call is placed successfully, connectivity has been established. However, please be aware of the timing of the connection to the target phone. For example, if X-Lite reports the line as connected before you actually pick up the phone and answer the call, your VOIP system will need to be modified to ensure it is reporting pick up at the proper time. Your VOIP vendor can assist you with this.

If the call is placed successfully and answer detection is accurate, please make a note of the User ID, Domain, Password, and Proxy. The credentials used for the X-Lite account will also be needed to configure InphoniteVoice or ReminderPro.

Please Note: Inphonite does not provide technical support for X-Lite or any other softphone or product not developed by Inphonite, LLC. For assistance with those products, please contact the vendor.


3 - Applies To

InphoniteVoice 2010 and ReminderPro 2008 DX


4 - Support

If you are unable to find answers to your question, our Technical Support Department offers per-incident support and annual maintenance contracts.


All requests received between 9:00am and 6:00pm Eastern (6:00am and 3:00pm Pacific), Monday through Friday, will be responded to that same day. Our Technical Support team responds to requests in the order received. Requests from customers with Premium Support will be placed at the head of the queue and attended to by the next available Support Technician.

PLEASE NOTE: Before contacting our Technical Support Team, please review our article "Before You Contact Support".

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